The 8 Best Lights and Reflective Gear for Running

If you like running after dark, or that's the only way you can fit exercise into your complex life, make sure to use equipment that keeps you visible. Safety vests and lights should ensure your visibility without taking anything away from the comfort and mobility you need to run. Check out the Six Minute Mile favorites here.

GoMotion Corebeam Lightbelt

This minimalist waist-belt features both a front-facing LED and a stretchy fluorescent band.

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2XU Reflective Compression Tight

These tights have extensive reflective features and are built to compress muscles.

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Nathan Reflective Snap Bands

These simple, afforable bands will add to visibility without significant weight.

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Tracer 360 Vest

This vest features both illumination and reflectivity, with a range of colors and flashes.

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Safety Skin

Safety Skin is applied directly against skin, providing excellent visibility, and is easily washable. 

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Lock Laces Reflective

These laces can add to visibility along with allowing easy slip-on access for shoes.

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GoMotion Corelite 2

This powerful LED can attach to any existing pack or belt, making it a convenient addition.

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Nike Shield Ghost Flash

This jacket is completely covered by reflective detailing that will ensure you stand out.

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