Our Favorite Running Socks

Socks are a commonly overlooked piece equipment for running. When considering investing in a quality pair of socks, consider these common issues. Most importantly, comfort. Socks should provide compression and cushioning, and be both light and comfortable. Also, socks should be at least somewhat odor resistant. Finally, if you'd prefer not to have toe-holes a few weeks in, invest in a durable pair. Find the Six Minute Mile recommendations for this criteria here.

Darn Tough Merino Wool

Backed up with a lifetime guarantee, these socks are comfortable and breathable. 

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Men's or Women's
Balega Silver

These comfortable socks use silver ions and moisture-wicking wool to prevent odor.

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Rockay Accelerate

Thanks to a quality Merino construction, this sock is soft while keeping very low weight.

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Falke Achilles Sock

This sock features silicon nubs that are designed to relieve tendons and aid recovery.

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Drymax Lite Trail

Designed for running trails, these double-layered socks will protect against blisters.

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Tesla No Show

These low-cut socks won't roll down and provide good breathability and comfort.

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Feetures! Elite Max Cushion

If you're looking for thick, padded socks, we like these due to well-placed cushioning.

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Swiftwick Maxus Zero

These socks also have thick padding, and people like the soft, comfortable feel.

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