August 2 Six Minute Mile

Minute 1: Strava Lowers Premium Pricing

Happy news for Strava users: they just dropped pricing for their Premium subscribers. Now called “Summit,” you can access upgraded features for as little as $2.99 per month instead of the old $7.99. That’s like getting one free venti latte at Starbucks every month with an extra $1.00 for your 401k. This is part of an effort to lure more paid subscribers into Strava’s current 32-million user base. According to estimates, fewer than 10% of those users pay for Strava now. The new Strava CEO came from Instagram, but is not anxious to move to an advertising model, preferring the subscription model. The catch with the price drop is that to get the full prix fixe meal, it still costs $7.99. But if you are willing to go a la carte, you can buy them in $2.99 morsels. (Four years of college French classes paying off!)

Minute 2: Who is more worthy of redemption: Lance or ARod?

Lance Armstrong, occasional competitive runner and persistent controversy generator, wondered aloud last week whether he would ever get past his past. Why does fellow doper Alex Rodriguez get an ESPN gig and forgiveness while Lance toils in relative obscurity? Armstrong is a 2:46 marathoner and provided excellent commentary last week during the conclusion of the Tour de France. Lance is a “love him or hate him” kind of guy when it comes to debating his career on two wheels. What no one seems to dispute, however, is how his podcasts have become must-listen audio. Seriously, if you haven’t tuned in, do it today! Topics and guests include Green Beret snipers, Bode Miller, corporate CEOs and adult film stars.
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Minute 3: Does football make you a slower marathoner?

Speaking of Lance, he is one of the few professional athletes from another sport who has been able to perform well in marathons. It’s a little surprising to us that otherwise gifted athletes don’t seem to make the transition into long runs very skillfully. One very notable exception is former MLBer Eric Byrnes, who finished the Western States 100 in 2016. (Guess who paced him for 20 miles? Hint: Rhymes with Bance Barmstrong.) Other sub-4:00 marathoners include Summer Sanders (swimming, 3:17), Caroline Wozniacki (tennis, 3:26), Kerri Strug (gymnast, 3:56), Apolo Ohno (skater, 3:25) and Justin Leonard (golfer, 3:54). On the slower side, the list includes Doug Flutie (football, 4:50), Lynn Swann (football, 4:26) and Tiki Barber (football, 4:28).

Minute 4: Did Kilian Jornet fake his Everest records?

Outside Magazine recently published a must-read profile of Kilian Jornet, the world’s fastest mountain man. Kilian is famous for winning ultra races like the Hard Rock and scaling the Alps on foot and skis. His “morning runs” logged on Strava exceed what most runners cover in a week. He has conditioned his body not to sweat so that he requires very little water on runs. But this low-key endurance machine is still trying to disprove haters who claim he never really speed-climbed Everest twice in one week.
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Minute 5: The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games kick off today

In England, where you can bet on whether the sun will rise in the east or not, the gambling odds are out for the U.S. Reebok CrossFit Games. Among the men, Matthew Fraser is favored to win his third straight title. Among women, Tia-Claire Toomey is the favorite. For those casual observers, this ain’t just a competition to see which gym rat can dead lift the most tonnage. Today’s competition includes a bicycle race and a 42,000 meter erg row. A look behind the scenes at some of the interesting characters on the women’s side is here.

Minute 6: Today’s words of wisdom

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe