The Best Hydration Packs for Runners

Whether you like trail running, hiking, or camping, you'll need a bag to carry water and all of your supplies. However, many hiking bags are uncomfortable, cumbersome, and overpriced. To limit your the problems many people experience with hydration packs, consider factors such as stability, amount of storage, and accessibility when investing in a hydration pack. Here are a few Six Minute Mile staff favorites with quality design and reasonable price tags.

Camelbak Circuit Hydration Pack

This compact mesh hydration pack keeps an easy to fill reservoir stable and close to your body. When filled with ice water, it's close mesh container helps you keep cool.

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Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set Running Pack

This running pack is self-adjustable and does a great job preventing bouncing. Also, the mesh is very comfortable, even when worn directly against the skin.

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Source Dune 1.5L X-Fit

This pack features X-Fit, referring to the X orientation of the straps. This product has been positively reviewed for stability and has plenty of storage for a run or hike.

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