February 22 Six Minute Mile

Minute 1: Nike has a dream

Nike is having a tough week. Wednesday night in the biggest college basketball rivalry game of the year, the nation’s #1 player, Zion Williamson of Duke, planted his foot and blew out his Nike sneaker. The wardrobe failure bounced Williamson out of the game with a tweaked knee. The ruined shoe also cost Nike millions of dollars in PR and stock market value. The industry’s Bigfoot is hoping to rebound on Sunday night with a new ad that premieres during the Oscar’s broadcast. 30 years after the launch of their Just Do It campaign and a few months after its controversial Colin Kaepernick ad, Nike will air a 90-second tribute to inspirational women in sports. Details are secret, but we do know that Serena Williams will narrate the spot titled “Dream Crazier.”

Minute 2: Interval training or slow endurance for weight loss?

For years, the “Fat Burner” button on gym machines sent you off on a long, slow distance workout. It turns out not only was that path a little boring, but it also burned less fat than other work-outs both indoors and outdoors. A new study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine concludes that interval training is the most effective and time-efficient way to shed pounds. They recommend high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprint interval training. HIIT involves quick, intense bursts surrounding rest periods. Sprint interval sessions rely on 40-100 yard sprints to boost calorie burn and metabolism. A sample sprint workout is here. We have written before about our favorite HIIT workouts and their benefits.

Minute 3: Eat to win

A couple of good healthy eating ideas whet our appetites this week. For breakfast, who can resist breaking news that Pizza for Breakfast Is Apparently Healthier than Cereal? For lunch or dinner, we liked this new crunchy curry cabbage salad idea from ultra-runner Scott Jurek. As a happy hour splurge, check out What’s The Healthiest Kind of Cheese? (Good news: it’s also the tastiest!) And for dessert, we liked Outside magazine’s High Protein Desserts that Actually Taste Good.

Minute 4: Salud!

With only 42 shopping days left until Cinco de Mayo, Outside magazine just toasted our favorite training recovery beverage – tequila. In case your trendy friends haven’t tipped you off, tequila is the “it girl” at the party right now. Sales of high-end brands like Patron and Casamigos are up 348% since 2002. (George Clooney’s investor group just pocketed $1 billion when they sold the brand to Diageo.) Outside’s list of Our 5 Best Homemade Margarita Recipes provides more temptation than we can resist. The good news for athletes is that pure tequila distilled from agave plants is even considered to be Paleo compliant by some experts. And according to the Margarita Madness 5K running race, tequila can actually help you lose weight. (Only a slight conflict of interest there…)

Minute 5: Quick Intervals

  • The organizers of the 2024 Paris Olympics just said “oui” to amateur runners joining the Olympic Marathon for the first time in history. Like most marathons, the elite Olympians will start at the front of the pack and the petite bourgeoisie will run the same course behind them. Sadly, there is no opportunity for a dark horse to emerge from the pack and win the gold. Only Olympic qualifiers are eligible for medals.
  • If you needed more evidence that avocado toast had officially jumped the shark, Saucony has provided the smoking gun. The shoe brand just announced a new green and brown shoe as a moving tribute to the trendy food, not a running joke. While avocado toast certainly has nutritional benefits, it has also become a snarky internet meme.
  • We have shared the workout legend of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth in the past. Now the actor has just released his own fitness app called Centr. The app recommends workouts for home and gym along with nutritional advice and a curated musical soundtrack.

Minute 6: Daily Inspiration

Dave Mackey may be the toughest endurance athlete in the world. Plenty of ultra runners and mountain bikers overcome pain and adversity every race. But Mackey last year became the first person to ever complete the grueling Leadville Race Series that includes a 100-mile running race — on a prosthetic leg! We wrote about his accomplishment last summer. Now two filmmakers have released a movie chronicling Mackey’s inspiring physical and emotional comeback. Check out the trailer below.

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