January 18 Six Minute Mile

Minute 1: The Italian scientist who wants to live 120 years

Question: Who the heck wants to live to 100, anyway? Answer: A 99-year-old. Corny old jokes aside, the real question is whether you can live to be 100+ while still enjoying an active life. Italian scientist Valter Longo not only researches longevity in the lab, but he also lives his life according to his findings. (Link to his daily routine here.) Longo’s best-selling book, The Longevity Diet, received positive reviews from fellow scientists and everyday readers alike. Longo recommends a diet that is low on protein and heavy on plant-based foods. He also recommends intermittent fasting, a subject that has received much attention lately. Longo befriended and closely studied an Italian woman who lived happily to age 117 and believes that can be achieved by most humans.
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Minute 2: Dispatches from the real world

We are very lucky that part of our job is to follow amateur athletes who are not only great runners but also terrific storytellers. Anyone can post a selfie or race photo on Instagram, but very few can capture the joyous struggle of the run addiction in words. One of our absolute favorite blog sites is Running With Music. Rebecca is a 40-something mom who also works a “real job,” coaches a H.S. cross country team and skis every weekend. She has completed 22 marathons and a bazillion other races.  

Next time you think you’re having a tough work-out, please read Rebecca’s account of guiding a blind runner through the worst rain, wind, and cold in Boston Marathon history.  (“Rebecca,” he said, “Out of all of my marathons, that was my worst finish time by far.  But it is definitely the medal that I am most proud of. “) Another must-read piece is Rebecca’s account of her long quest to crack 3:00 in the marathon. After many near misses, she toed the line for the final attempt in 2018 at the Bay State Marathon in October.  The photo below spoils the ending, but the journey was just as interesting as the destination.

Minute 3: Time for a change

When you go to the gym, are you typically doing the same old moves over and over? Like that boyfriend/girlfriend in college that you knew you should upgrade, you stick with what’s comfortable and familiar. We are always on the look-out for new exercises to splice into our old routines. We like this list that LIVESTRONG just produced by scouring fitness professionals on Instagram.  Here are the 17 Killer Moves they uncovered. We particularly like #5 the Medicine Ball to Push-up and #10 the Kettlebells Four Ways.

Minute 4: Last call for a legend

One of the legends of the Boston Marathon passed away this week, Tommy Leonard, 85. If you don’t recall seeing him on the podium, your memory hasn’t failed you. He was more of a behind the scenes guy. Well, actually a behind the bar guy. Tommy was the bartender at the iconic Eliot Lounge about ½ mile from the Marathon finish line. He glorified runners the way most Boston barkeeps worshiped the Celtics and the Red Sox. This profile from a few years ago captures the former Marine well.

When Bill Rodgers won his first of four Boston Marathons in 1975, a TV reporter asked him what he was going to do next. “I’m going to the Eliot to have a Blue Whale,” Rodgers replied.  Those were the glory days of American running and all the top names bellied up to Tommy’s bar when they ran Boston, just as surely as they scouted Heartbreak Hill. Tommy went on to found the iconic Falmouth Road Race which started at one Cape Cod bar and finished at another. Legend has it that Tommy lured hotshots like Rodgers and Frank Shorter by telling them attractive women in bikinis staffed the water stations.
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Minute 5: Quick Intervals

  • Gear Junkie, a respected outdoor gear review site, just released a list of its 12 best winter running shoes.  Their favorites overlap in part with a list from Runner’s World of their Top 10 Winter Running Shoes from just before Christmas. None of the prices on these lists are anywhere near the most expensive sneakers from the end of 2018. Some models on this list cost more than most mortgage payments, including $4,000+ Jordans.
  • From the “Goofy But True” file comes this story of a dog that escaped its backyard fence and joined the field of a half marathon in Canada.  Unleashed, Ludivine wound up finishing seventh overall and was awarded a medal by the good-natured race organizers.
  • If your next race has hills in the forecast, we like this simple, but effective work-out from Trail Runner magazine. The routine takes only 3 minutes for two exercises, but ultra pros as well as those who just escaped the couch swear by it. Check out the description and video here.

Minute 6: Daily Inspiration

Love it or hate it, Gillette’s new ad on “toxic masculinity” has generated a strong reaction online and in the mainstream media.  Fox News accuses Gillette of “crapping all over” the men who buy its razors. The ad is drawing unfavorable comparisons to the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad which we have written about before. According to NY Magazine, YouTube reaction is running 4:1 against Gillette while it was 7:1 in favor of Nike. From a business standpoint, it looks as if Gillette has released a Super Bowl ad without paying for a Super Bowl ad. According to USA Today, they are capturing all sorts of free air time without paying $2 million for a 30 second spot.  

Overall, we think it’s a provocative nudge forward for men. Judge for yourself by checking out the ad below:

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