January 24 Six Minute Mile

Minute 1: The Carnivore Diet

What happens when you take a high protein, low carb diet to an extreme? As in eating ONLY meat for a month kind of extreme. Outside Magazine recently suckered a freelance writer into testing out the growing phenomenon of going full carnivore for a month. The experiment is in response to a trend championed by a 52-year-old orthopedic surgeon named Shawn Baker. Dr. Meat has sworn off fruit, vegetables, bread and sugar for years. He claims that eating 4 pounds of meat every day — with some fish and eggs mixed in – has left him fitter and more energetic than when he was a competitive weightlifter.

His website and social feeds are full of adherents claiming dramatic weight loss and healthy cholesterol levels. You can check out Dr. Baker doing box jumps with an 85-pound dumbbell in each hand in the video below. As for the Outside reporter, he complains about some bothersome digestive side effects, but is generally positive in his story titled “What I Learned from a Month on the Carnivore Diet.”

We enjoy a nice filet or salmon as much as anyone, but we lean more toward a philosophy of balance. This new article better matches our instincts, with a 5-step process to determine the ideal mix of carbs, fat, and protein for your own body chemistry. Then again, we can’t do what Dr. Baker does at the gym:

Minute 2: Lance and the 90-year-old cyclist

One of the wackiest stories ever in the complicated history of cycling & doping went viral this month. A 90-year-old man forfeited his USA Cycling Masters national championship along with the new age group world record he set last year. The US Anti-Doping Agency determined it is “more likely than not” that Carl Grove ingested a banned substance by accidentally eating contaminated meat the night before his race. Nevertheless, they stripped him of his title anyway. Grove was initially devastated because he has tried to set an example of defying the normal gravity of aging. He expects to bounce back.

Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong continues to bounce back from his doping woes. We have written before about how Lance was forced to pay huge federal fines but recovered financially thanks to $20,000,000+ in profits from a timely Uber investment. It turns out that Lance is now riding his Uber cash in a new investment vehicle. Lance recently formed a venture capital fund called Next Ventures. The firm just wrote its first check for a company that aids muscle growth and recovery through electrical stimulation. (Insert bad doping joke here.)

Minute 3: Is running more dangerous than football?

When Tom Brady and his 41-year-old knees take the field a week from Sunday, TV analysts and armchair commentators alike will marvel at his health and longevity in a dangerous sport. What no one is likely to mention, however, is that running has about the same injury rate as the NFL. As many as 80% of runners are injured every year, with WebMD listing “runner’s knee” as #1 on its list of 10 Common Running Injuries. That’s the bad news for runners. The good news is that prevention and treatment of running injuries is largely within the control of the runner, not an oncoming 300-pound defensive tackle. There is no reason running should ruin your knees, according to one study released in 2017. In the “ounce of prevention” category, we like this list of 14 exercises to strengthen knees, all of which can be performed without gym equipment.#takeaknee #victoryformation

Minute 4: Keep calm and run on

The London Marathon has become the most sought after bib in the running world. For this year’s race on April 28, more than 400,000 hopefuls entered the lottery to toe the line. Only about 10% of those applications will be accepted, making it more difficult than applying to Oxford. If you are an experienced runner who can run consistent splits, one way to cut the line is to become an official pacer. Runner’s World and Strava each offer a program to put a finish time flag in your hand and a smile on your face. Apply here for the Runner’s World slots and here for the Strava slots.

Minute 5: Peloton outpacing indoor rivals

That object in the rear view mirror is closer than it appears, SoulCycle. The indoor cycling craze isn’t dying out, it’s just shifting gears. The Canada Goose jacket crowd is staying home this winter instead of venturing to the nearest group spin class. For the first time ever, Peloton has more users than SoulCycle. Vox just came out with a good piece on why fitness consumers are moving away from group classes and spending lots of money on Peloton bikes, treadmills and subscriptions. In related news, the founder of SoulCycle, who went on to found Flywheel, just resigned from Flywheel. Probably not a coincidence given the Peloton data.

Minute 6: Daily Inspiration

We have written before about the epic climbing movie, “Free Solo,” an insanely compelling documentary on rock climber Alex Honnold. What’s so interesting about a rock climbing bro who lives in a van? Well, how about a rock climbing bro who scales 3,000-foot cliffs with NO DAMN ROPES?!?! As the movie makes clear, “Everyone who has made soloing a big part of their lives is dead now.” Except for Honnold. Well apparently, we aren’t the only ones who loved the movie. Free Solo was just nominated for an Academy Award. If your fingernails survive this incredible trailer, you probably have what it takes to make it through the entire film:

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