July 31 Six Minute Mile

Minute 1: Are these Nike shoes so fast they may be banned?

Nike has generated lots of buzz – and controversy – with its new Vaporfly running shoes. A new study shows that these $250 kicks make you run 4% faster. That shaves nearly 10 minutes off the finish time of a four-hour marathoner. Some running officials are calling for a ban on the most powerful shoes since Dorothy’s ruby slippers. But for those of us who swear loyalty to our favorite shoes, the most interesting news may be in the rankings of more than 50 popular shoes. Check out whether your shoes are making you faster or slower.

Minute 2: Hard Luck at the Hard Rock 100

So you’re leading one of the world’s most iconic mountain trail races by more than an hour with only 10 miles to go when you get DQed for a banned substance – water. Well, to be fair, it was water and ice. Poor French ultramarathoner Xavier Thevenard accepted aid from his support crew at a road crossing instead of at an official aid station. Instead of winning his first Hard Rock title, he found himself fighting off purists and internet trolls. And yeah, the purists do have a point.
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Minute 3: There’s bad a$$ and then there’s SUPERBAD a$$

Training to complete 50 full Ironman length triathlons in 50 days for charity – how is that even possible? Ashley Horner, a Reebok-sponsored athlete and fitness model, is sharing her training plan and mental preparation. She figures that each race day will entail 12-16 hours of hard work to complete the triathlon. Much of her training is focused on trashing her legs the day before a long run or ride to simulate the physical and mental conditions of the actual days on the road. If you want a little motivation to get off the couch, you can follow her journey that begins in mid-August on her website.

Minute 4: Can I lose five pounds in a week?

OK, who hasn’t wondered if you could drop five pounds in a week? Run faster, look better and impress at your college reunion. Couldn’t I just crank up my mileage and workouts while skipping a few 400 calorie desserts? Well, experts are split on whether this is possible (and safe). The basic math is that to lose one pound, you have to burn or skip 3,500 calories. Given that a 30-minute run only eats up about 350 calories, well, you can do the math. Livestrong doesn’t recommend it, but offers a bit of a how-to manual. Other authorities say it’s possible, but mostly by reducing the amount of water retained by your body, which means dramatically cutting sugars, sodium, and processed carbs.
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Minute 5: Burpees – named for stomach gas or an actual dude?

Demented high school gym teacher or Crossfitter ahead of his time – who invented the burpee? If you think it feels pretty darned old school, you’re right. The burpee was invented by Columbia University physiologist Royal H. Burpee in the 1930s and was quickly adopted by the U.S. military. Since then, runners and gym rats have been relying on them for what has been described as the perfect exercise. They build core strength, provide aerobic challenge and burn calories. Joe De Sena, the founder of Spartan Race, once did 400 burpees a day for 60 straight days as a personal challenge and swears by the results. Most experts agree that this is one of the most effective exercises you can do.
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Minute 6: Today’s words of wisdom

“Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.” – Unknown

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